The Private Op: Bloody Hell

Bloody Hell - front cover HD.jpg
Bloody Hell - front cover HD.jpg

The Private Op: Bloody Hell


Ashiel Hammond is the Private Op, a hard boiled man of mystery for-hire with Archangel Security Consultants.  Once a Marine Corps sniper, now an international photojournalist, Ashiel has the skills (and the press credentials) to travel the world righting wrongs for a price, of course. 


Mansfield Christensen, head of one of the most notorious crime syndicates in the world, has enlisted the services of the Mime, a dangerous thief and assassin, to help him steal religious artifacts from across the globe.  The team at Archangel SC soon learns of this scheme and Ashiel springs into action to stop his nemesis.   When Paladins, the secret special ops unit for the Vatican, join the fight, things begin to progress at a rapid pace. 


Eventually cut off from his team, Ashiel finds himself hiking through the Carpathian Mountains with a squad of Paladins, guided by a band of gypsies. 

Everything takes a turn for the strange when the group encounters the mysterious Strigoi Castle, hidden away deep in the mountain range in Romania.  Inside the abandoned castle, built into the side of a mountain, Mansfield Christensen is plotting to unleash ancient weapons of mass destruction.  


Nothing that Ashiel has experienced before can prepare him for

Bloody Hell


Words by:              Art by:

Derek Hall              Pramit Santra


Letters by:            Colors by:

Zen                        Gwenaelle Daligault

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