Gabriel Sexton

Gabriel Sexton has devoted the majority of his life to serving his country, working for the CIA, first under non-official cover throughout Asia, and later as a handler for undercover agents in the Eastern Bloc.  A special assignment in Argentina brought him in contact with Ashiel Hammond.  Taking a liking to the young man, Gabriel requested his service a few years later, but failed in his efforts to recruit the young sniper into the Company.  After a long and decorated career of service, Gabriel was forced to retire after his illegitimate daughter was arrested for a series of cyber-attacks on credit card companies and a failed attempt to hack into the CIA database.  Though hardened and jaded (often to the point of cynicism) by years of service around the globe, Gabriel has a moral compass like few others and truly strives to do the right thing – even if for the wrong reasons.  He wants to have a positive impact all over the world, so created Archangel Security Consultants; a private operations agency that allows him to use his contacts and skills to help people in need, for a price of course.  And, with this venture, he was finally able to convince Ashiel to replace him as field agent, or “private op.”


Ottawa Smith is a former Army Ranger whose career totaled 20 years of service.  Originally from Chicago, Smith joined the army at 17 and fought in Vietnam, specializing in Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (LRRP).  He never attended a Ranger School, but learned his skills under live fire.  It was years later that LRRPs were granted the title of Rangers.  During this time, he did intelligence work with a young CIA agent named Gabriel Sexton on several occasions.  After the Army, Smith went back to Chicago and eventually became a wheel man for a crew doing bank jobs.  This led to a short prison term and a move to California where he became a Hollywood stunt driver.  He ran into Sexton on a film set, where he was acting as a consultant, which led Ottawa to transition into a consultant role for Vietnam movies and other military films.  It was in this capacity that he met a young Zack Hammond.  When Archangel SC was formed, Smith was invited to be the first employee and joined immediately.     


Victoria “Street” Calle is Gabriel Sexton’s daughter.  She was raised by her mother in East LA unbeknownst to her father.  When she fell in with the wrong crowd at a young age, a school guidance counselor recommended more indoor activities for the troubled child, so her mother bought Victoria a computer.  Curious and adventurous by nature, it wasn’t long before she was spending all of her time in front of the monitor.  Victoria’s grades even improved, but that was because she was able to hack into the school’s system and change them.  Computer programming became an obsession and hacking a hobby.  She used the call sign “Street” to pay homage to her Mexican surname.  Being arrested for trying to hack the CIA is what led to Victoria meeting her father for the first time.  When Gabriel was forced out of his job because of her actions, he then forced his daughter to put her skills to work for him at Archangel SC.  She agreed because if she didn’t, daddy won’t use his connections to keep her out of jail.  Though her involvement is reluctant, Victoria grows to appreciate her role and the opportunity to do something constructive with her abilities, while still being anti-establishment.